Thank the Backbone of America

The ground hog wasn’t lying when he saw his shadow predicting more winter. Most of the states are experiencing a huge artic blast. Here in Oklahoma we are only a few days into what were guessing is going to be over a weeks worth of below freezing temperatures.

Most people are huddled up at home watching their favorite shows and eating thier favorite comfort food. Meanwhile the backbone of America is bundled up and making sure that you can stay warm and fed.

As I write this I’m bouncing around in the feed pickup with my hubby feeding cows and breaking and pitching ice. My neighbor spent yesterday traveling to a jobsite where he works at getting oil which keeps our houses heated, vehicles moving and much more. We see linemen working hard to keep powerlines from breaking to make sure we have power in our homes.

Lots of times these professions are made out to be villians. They are labeled as out to ruin the environment and are cruel to the animals that they raise. However, this could not be further from the truth! I can speak from my own experience that Ranchers are some of the biggest conversationalist and I know from talking to some oil field engineers that they are doing all that they can to improve their practices to become more efficient and therefore less destructive. As far as being cruel to animals I can sure tell you it would have been a lot easier to stay in the warm house instead of heading outside to feed. I would also rather get my exercise for the day from a Barre class instead of pitching ice but we do these things because we care.

So the next time you see a Rancher, Oil Field Worker, Lineman, or others that are the backbone of America give them a big thanks for fighting the cold and providing you with energy and a safe food product. Thank them for leaving their nice warm homes to make sure America is running. They don’t get to hide from a pandemic, they don’t take sick days, ranchers sure don’t make much, they work in all weather and they sure don’t get much thanks. I think the last one would be an easy one to remedy. So if your warm and full go thank the real hero’s of America!

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