Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

I was skeptical at first I thought that any cleaners would take the makeup off my face but then I started to get clumpy mascara and the fact that I looked like KISS coming out of the shower was getting harder and harder to ignore. So I decided to give the MaryKay one a try.

I was amazed at how little it took and how literally all of my makeup came off without a bunch of scrubbing! All it took was shaking the bottle putting a little on the flat pad and then gently wiping my eyes! My mascara started going on nicely again. I no longer looked like a member of KISS and didn’t have to wash mascara off my pillow case!

One bottle last a long time so I thought why not make your pad work just as long? So for the month of February if you purchase a bottle of the oil free eye makeup remover I’ll throw in 7 reusable pads!

To order send me an email or text 303-594-4837

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