Dark Day

The weather today mirrored my feelings. It’s been cold, cloudy and void of sunshine it even rained a little. I’m pretty worried about Joe Biden becoming the new President but even more worried about Kamala becoming the Vice President.

I guess those of us that are Trump supporters are feeling the same way that Biden folks felt four years ago. I feel embarrassed to have Biden as my President. I’m worried about the direction they want to take the country that goes against my morals and beliefs and I feel that the election was not won fairly.

However that’s where the comparison ends. I accept the fact that Biden is our President, no matter how bad it taste coming out of my mouth and instead of hiding in a “safe space” I will continue on with my day because animals need feeding, work needs finishing, and I’m an adult.

I am reminded of a sermon that I listened to years ago that stuck with me. The message of the sermon was that just because we are Christians and we forgive and we treat everyone with respect we are not door mats.

I think that it’s important that we start standing up for what we believe in and stop worrying about hurting every ones feelings. Because we have set up “safe spaces” people can run from reality instead of facing up to the facts. The facts that we need to be supporting those that provide our food and energy instead of fighting them and making them into villains. We need to stand up for the idea that the American Dream is not the idea that everyone can become successful, its the idea that those that get out there and work their butts off everyday and sometimes doing things that they would rather not be doing are successful while those that hide in their parents basements and never get a job aren’t. We need to stand up for the 2nd amendment. We need to stand up for the idea that it’s not okay to take the life of a baby, expecially when in the next breath you want me to stay home, wear a mask and avoid seeing anyone and take a shot so that I can “save a life.” We need to stand up to the idea that a female that is a rude, mean and bossy is not leader she is just plain mean. God only created a male and a female. When a baby is born it is black and white what the sex of it is. I could go on and on but the point being that maybe we should stop tip toeing around subjects just to make everyone happy. We have to be respectful and listen to others beliefs and try to understand where they are coming from but at the same time we have to make our own decisions and take a stand for what we believe is right.

They say that you have to experience the lows so that you can really enjoy the highs and I think that this time will really help us realize that. It’s not all gloom and doom we have some great things to look forward to. As ranchers we have literally planted our crop and tended it and am anxiously awaiting the birth of new critters, we are still healthy and are blessed with some great friends and family. I also am hopeful in government when I see strong leaders like Kristi Noem who is an amazing role model. She exemplifies what a women should be. She stays solid in her beliefs and I hope that we can get more women and men like her in the future.

So although today might be a hard day for you keep chugging along and remember now is the time to stay solid in your beliefs and morels.

Oh and most importantly, In a world full of Kamala’s be a Kristi!

Picture by Buckles and Bling Photography LLC

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