Lot’s of people have been extremely dependent on the USPS with their addiction to ordering from Amazon but I’ve been dependent on the mailmen for much longer than that.

Because we live aways from a town with big stores and I really dread going to town I have been ordering things online and from catalogs for awhile. It is a lot easier for me to order something then to try and run to town for something and because our day doesn’t run on business hours it’s hard to make it to town on business hours.

I know alot of people prefer Fedex and UPS but I always dread when something is coming from either company. Most of the drivers that have to come out to us have to cover so much ground that they drive like a bat out of hell and I’m always worried they are going to hit one of our dogs. Because we are at the end of the line for FedEx and UPS and they run so far we get the poor guys showing up at 9pm or sometimes not all.

I know that sometimes they loose packages and sometimes it takes longer then I want for a package to come but I really think as awhole they do a great job. I am lucky to have a mailman that goes above and beyond and I’ve also been lucky to call some of the people that work in the local post offices friends and I appreciate all that they do to keep me from running to town unnecessarily and my little business pumping out products.

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