Mary Kay Timewise Skincare set.

I have always been the poster child of what to not do when it came to skin care. Aside from making sure I wore sunscreen every day I didn’t really have a skin care routine I was lucky if I remembered to scrub off my makeup before going to bed and generally looked like a band member from KISS coming out of the shower.

When I finally decided to give a skin care routine a try it was a little daunting but lukcily Mary Kay has a set. They have a few different sets so you can choose one that fits your needs. I use the middle of the road set the Timewise. The set comes with a 4in1 cleanser, day cream with spf, night cream and eye cream. I can definately see a difference in my skin and I can’t wait to see how much it continues to improve!

If you would like to try it I would love to help get you started send me a message or a text to 303-594-4837 the set is suppose to last you 60 days but always ends up lasting me much longer then that. If your not wanting to jump in headlong you can buy a togo set that last about a week and if you like it and order a set I’ll take $25 off your full set! Also, you can order each product individually if you don’t want the whole set it’s just cheaper to buy the set.

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