Dixie Co.

I know some people are happy about the colder weather and fall and winter fast approaching but I am not ready! Luckily Annie made me the cutest hat and it is so comfy it makes the cold front that blew in this week not so bad…

Seriously y’all need one of these hats! They are so cute and I can’t even begin to explain how soft they are! Normally beany type hats don’t last me very long they get stretched out and then I am constantly trying to pull them back up but not this hat! I’ve used it pretty hard and it still stays put nice and snug!

A fun fact about Dixie Co. Is that it’s owned by a good friend of mine that is a very talented actor, artist, and English rider. Dixie is the name of her horse that is quite the character.

Check her out at https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Product-Service/Dixie-Co-108875673980829/

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