Enjoy the Ride

I am a very goal driven person. I always have things that I am working towards and love having a challenge. My biggest goal has always been to be a World Champion! My goal has hit a lot of road bumps and taken a lot of detours but it’s something that I am constantly thinking about and ultimately working towards. With that focus it’s easy to get discourage about not being at the end destination.

I have been on my quest of a World Championship for as long as I can imagine and it might be one that I will work on until I die. On this journey I have learned two really important lessons and the last two weeks have really shown me how important those are.

The first lesson is that you need to be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.

The second is that you have to enjoy the place that you are in at the moment because it took a lot of work to get there.

I spent the last two weeks scribing at the NRBC. It was the largest show the NRHA has ever had. I scribed just under 1,000 runs and spent a lot of time in the very uncomfortable seats. I have been working horse shows for awhile now and not showing and everytime I go to an event it’s very strange to not have a horse with me and this was no different. I even scribed some classses that I would have been competing in if I was showing and it was hard to sit on the side lines thinking that I could do that.

However while I was sitting in that chair I learned more then I could have ever imagined! You get to see what outfits work and which don’t. I know that you don’t get judged on your outfit but it really can help make your ride more visually pleasing or visa versa… I was also able to learn so much about the judging system that I had previously only had a vague idea of. The judges I worked under were all accomplished horsemen that had a wealth of knowledge that they were willing to share with me. I was able to watch some of best reiners in the world school their horses through the schooling class and learned more from those 0 runs then from watching the winning run of the NRBC.

Although scribing wasn’t showing my horse I was still able to be at a horse show and I was able to gain experience and knowledge that I wouldn’t have previously and I got to take a home a check and put some of it towards my horse.

It might not have been how I dreamed my path towards a World Championship would go but, I’m so glad its apart of my path. I had a blast and learned so much it’s an adventure I will always treasure. I hope to keep working more and more shows!

Thanks Twinkle and Shine Design for the awesome pencil that kept me inspire the whole show! She can make you some custom ones too! Go check her out!

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