Why I’m grateful for companies requiring mask in their stores. (It’s probably not the reason your thinking)

I wish that I could say that I am one of those people that “bucks” the rules and does whatever they want but I am not that person. I’m the person that likes to color in the lines and follow all of the rules. I am also a creature of habit and I had gotten into the habit of making my twice monthly grocery trips to Walmart because it was easy.

I know that everyone has a different opinion about mask but mine is simply I think it’s fine if you would like to wear a mask but don’t tell me that I need to wear one. I can agree that some people are at higher risk such as the elderly and quite frankly I am just as worried about them getting the flu as I am them getting COVID so I think that it’s not such a bad idea for them to wear a mask. I don’t accept the argument that I am suppose to wear one to help out someone else’s health when they are overweight never working out and drinking pop and eating McDonalds, doing nothing to help their own health so why should I be responsible for something they should be doing themselves.

Anyways when Walmart came out saying that they were implementing a Mask rule in their stores I made myself a mask and set out to go shopping… It was horrible! I don’t know how the workers are able to wear one for the whole shift!(I mean if I had to because that is what the person writing my checks what’s I definitely will but still I’m impressed.) I learned that I’m a little more closterphobic then I had originally thought and by the time I was done shopping I was a frazzled mess that had forgotten a bunch of things. I came home and told my husband that I couldn’t do that again. His response was simple and smart but gave me another type of anxiety. He said that I should simply go and tell them that I wasn’t going to wear one. This was definitely an option but I knew that I wouldn’t feel any more comfortable breaking a rule then what I did wearing a mask so I needed a plan C!

That plan C ended up being the best choice of all! I went in search of grocery store that didn’t require it’s shopper to wear a mask. I found Homeland which is a worker owned store and so much nicer overall in quality and atmosphere. I felt welcomed when I went in because since people didn’t have mask on I was able to return smiles and feel more connected to those around me. It is truly amazing to me how being able to see someones face changes how you feel.

So having found a new grocery store that more aligns with my beliefs and standards it got me to thinking about other places that I buy from that don’t mesh with my beliefs so I started buying from as many small business as I could. I thought previously that I had already done this. Being a small business owner myself I know how every sale makes such an impact on the owner but I was still missing some products. Living on the ranch it is a lot easier for me to just order something and have it shipped anyways so I have become more determined to reach out to my small business owners and see what I can buy from them. I have learned that Scentsy not only has wax for my warmer but a laundry line that I can’t live with out. (You will be learning more about them later.) I started selling Marykay because not only is their makeup and skincare like no other it’s helping me pay my bills.

So although I will not be shopping at Walmart in the near future I am very grateful that they popped me out of my rut and got me into a new rut that I plan to continue with. I thought that I was shopping with Walmart because it was easier and it was okay that some of their morals and beliefs didn’t mesh with mine because think of what i’m saving and every penny on the ranch counts but I learned that shopping from people and not huge corporations is just as cost effective and my hard earned pennies are going to people that believe like I do and are working hard to provide for their families just like I am.

Maybe I am not a cool rebel that can “buck” the rules I can at least be a rebel and spend my money with companies that I believe in and I hope that you do the same.

Don’t hide your smile let it shine!

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