Twinkle and Shine Design

So I have wanted to write a recommendation on Twinkle and Shine Design since I started my blog but I couldn’t figure out which product that I wanted to recommend because each and every product that I have from Kristin is something that I charish in a special way I just can not decide what I love the most so I finally decided that instead of recommending a specific product I was just going to introduce you to Twinkle and Shine Design and give you a run down on some of the products that I have and love!

Twinkle and Shine is ran by my neighbor and great friend Kristin! Kristin has an amazing attention to detail that makes everything that she makes truly a treasure. The motto behind Twinkle and Shine is that “you are loved” and that message really comes through in everything that she makes!

The first product that Twinkle and Shine came out with is customized keychains! I had to have one and got one not long after I was married and it says “MRS.” I love it so much because it reminds me of how loved that I am!

Another product that I got is a shirt that says “You are loved” and it has a sunflower on it! I absolutely love it! The shirt is super soft and a great color that goes with everything. It is something that everyone should have to remind themselves and others that the encounter everyday that they are loved!

At the beginning of the year I decided that my word for the year was going to be “Focus” and boy is that a struggle for me! I am always seeing something that I want to do and sometimes getting sidetracked from my goal so I had Kristin make me a bookmark for my planner that has my word on it. It is so cool! It is one of a kind that keeps me reminded to be focused on my goals and the bigger picture!

My truck is always being used for random stinky things like carrying calves that need to be taken to the lots, hauling mineral, and whatever else and it almost never gets the attention to a good clean out. So Kristin made me an air freshener that I can recharge with my favorite essential oil! It is so cute! It is just the right size for holding enough oil to make my truck smell good again and it has my brand on it making it truly unique to me! My truck is still a disaster zone but at least now it isn’t a stinky disaster zone!

For our one year anniversary Twinkle and Shine made us a picture frame with our brand on it and when we got married. It is the perfect combination of rustic and modern that fits our house perfectly and is something that we will treasure forever!

I have so many products from Twinkle and Shine but the last thing I am going to share with you today is her jewelry collection! I have some really fun pieces from her that I love and wear on a regular basis. She makes unique and fun pieces that are sure to become your favorites as well!

I am truly blessed to get to call Kristin my friend. (She was my maid of honor in my wedding!) I love everything that she creates and truly treasure the many Twinkle and Shine Design products that I have. She does an amazing job making sure that you know that you are loved! I love that idea so much because sometimes that can be forgotten. I hope that you go check out her website and Facebook page. She has something for literally everyone from men, women and children and does a lot of custom work. Find her at

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