Wild Bull Catching

“Everyone wants to be a cowboy until it’s time to do cowboy sh!*t.”

My husband got the call that I always dread. The call to come catch a wild bull. He has much more faith in my ability to help then what I do and signed me up to help him while my stomach was doing flip flops and I was wondering how I might get out of it between then and the next morning. I had decided that I didn’t want to be a cowboy after all I changed my mind.

The next morning much to my dismay I was off to be a cowboy and help catch a longhorn bull that had gotten out with the neighbors cows. My husband tried to reassure me that it would be fine we might be able to just get him in some pens and it would be easy peasy… well we got there and we found a set of pens and the bull hanging out with some cows next to the lots and although he was bigger then I had hoped for (granted anything over the size of a yearling was going to be something bigger then I had hopped for…) I thought maybe my hubby is right we can just ease him into the lots with a few cows and then just sort him off and call it a day.

That plan quickly went out the door when with just a little pressure he jumped out of the pasture crossed the street and jumped into another pasture. Well time to regroup… luckily at this time the man that owned the cows where he was in had showed up and the plan was to have the man call his cows out to the plowed wheat field and my husband would get a loop on him and we would drag him into the trailer. Luckily my hubby is a good roper and got him caught. As I was heading to my greatest fear of that mad demon on the end of the rope I was muttering “I really don’t want to be cowboy” as I loped passed the man that owned the cows I could hear him chuckling at my mutterings. Some how I was able to rope the hind feet and the man that owned the cows drove the trailer to us. The bull wanted to fight and he was the biggest and meanest thing that I had ever had a hold of and to say that I was scared would be an understatement. We had to readjust and I somehow got a half head catch on the huge horns and we worked on dragging him in but not having a drag in trailer and horses that were pretty out of shape and him wanting to fight so bad we ended up getting him into a wheel corral instead.

When we finished I explained to my husband that I was glad that he believed in me so much but I don’t think that I want to be a cowboy anymore and he might want to get more competent help the next time. I had the shakes from all of the adrenaline that had been pumping through my body, I had some rope burns on my hands from working the heels. But more then anything I had a huge sense of accomplishment and I was/am kind of proud of myself. Did I do a great job? No, I definitely would not be first pick! Cu-do’s to my husband for picking me because I certainly wouldn’t pick myself! Was I really good help? Considering I missed some loops and I had to get a pep-talk to keep going and I may or may not have let out a squeal on terror a time or two that would be a negative. Did I stay hooked till the job was done? You bet I did. Did I face something that I was really scared of? I sure did!

I talked to my dad after our adventure and he told me that “the moments that take your breath away are better then the ones watching tv.” That’s so true. It was scary at times and I had push myself WAY out of my comfort zone but in doing so. I was able to feel a sense of pride in facing my fears that you never get by sitting on the couch. I was able to put another adventure under my belt. Queen Latifah said “Life’s not about sitting at home in front of the TV waiting for your life to begin. Get out and take some chances.” I feel like this is so true. In a world where many are hiding at home scared waiting for it “to get safe again.” I’m so blessed that I get to live a life that requires me to get out there and take chances. It might be scary and I might not be ready but it has to get done and hiding doesn’t solve anything it just makes you more scared.

Although I am not looking forward to a wild bull catching job anytime soon I am glad that we survived this last one and I am proud that although I didn’t want to be a cowboy I was able to cowboy up and help get the job done. I hope that you are out there taking on adventures and not hiding in fear.

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