Plum Punchy Purdy’s

A good wild rag can be useful for so many things! From keeping your warm on a chilly morning to fancying up your favorite outfit you can’t go wrong with a pretty wild rag. It is definitely a Ranch Wife must have!

I get mine from Plum Punchy Purdy’s! Jordanne is an amazing punchy lady that creates the most amazing wild rags! She not only can make you some from the traditional silk but she also makes some out of different materials so that you can wear them in the summer to spruce up an outfit and get a heat stroke!

I love messaging Jordanne and telling her what I have in mind and having her come back to me with some different options of what she has! She has so many options and a lot of times she can make a custom size for you! Lately I have loved following her Facebook page as she ventures into silversmithing. She also drops some awesome drawings and is always coming up with some neat new products like ties and bow-ties!

Go look her up on Facebook and check out her website at I know you will love all that she creates just like I do! I really have my eye on her jewlery it is gorgeous! Remember fall and the cooler weather will be here before we know it so you better get ready now and if you want something for today I am sure that Jordanne can get you set up in something that is perfect for the summer!~

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