Be Fearless

This past weekend I was honored to judge the Comanche County Fair Horse Show. Before I went I was able to talk to one of my hero’s and get a little advice from Dr. Skurupey. She judges all over the world at some of the biggest horse shows and I was so honored to pick her brain about some things before my big day. We talked about a lot of things but what stuck with me the most is a message that she always puts out to the world and that’s to be fearless!

At the horse show I had to make calls and decisions that made some people happy with me and others mad at me. I had to stand up for myself even when some people wanted to question my decisions and even my credibility but though it all I made decisions that I could hold my head high throughout the day and when I went home knowing that I did a good job. Overall I had to be fearless!

Isn’t that life though? At a horse show when you are judging you have to make a lot of decisions and calls and you have to make them fairly quick and you have to stick with them. You might have parents argue with your call and you might hear competitors talking in the back questioning your skills but you still have to go on making the right calls and know that you prepared, have the skills and talent to make the right decisions and stick with them. Some will be mad at you and some will like you but your there to do a job and people liking you is not part of that job.

Life is the same way just not as quick pace. We make decisions everyday that some people won’t agree with and that others will like but at the end of the day we have to make a decision that we can hold our head high with knowing it was the right one for us. We have to make decisions for ourselves and our families that are the right one for us and not based on what someone else thinks that we should be doing and how they might try and get us to change our mind. We can’t second guess what others might be saying about how qualified we are to make our life choices because after all we are the only one that truly knows the best decision for ourselves anyways.

I hope that you are living your life FEARLESS! I hope that in everything that you do you make a decision that you can hold your head up high with knowing you made the right call.

P.S. Thank you Comanche County for having me out to judge!

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