L5 Performance Therapy

L5 Performance Therapy is a business that I can’t recommend enough. Skye and Hawk’s knowledge of the magnawave and animals makes them such a great asset to any animals needs especially Performance animals.

They work on horses, bucking bulls, show pigs, dogs, humans and any other animal that could use some help which is basically everything!

I started using them when I was getting Trey ready for the AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse Show. I was so happy with how he responded to the sessions while handling a tough training period I had Skye also start working on my Filly that was going through a weird growth supurt and getting worked pretty hard and she responded even better then Trey did. So I had her work on me because I always have a bunch of aches and pains and I was impressed with how much relief I got!

I wish that the Larsons lived closer to me. Mainly because they are such amazing people but also because I wish they could work on my animals and myself more often! If you live near Elk City, Oklahoma you need to give them a call and set up an appointment right now! If you don’t you can do what I do and follow them on Facebook to see when they will be at an event near you!

Follow them at https://m.facebook.com/L5PerformanceTherapy/

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