High Maintenance

While loading some cattle the other day we got to talking and it came up that I admitted I was high maintenance because, although I had woke up at 4am that morning I was really lucky and my hubby made me breakfast while I got ready for the day. It made for a good laugh and then the one guy said “In all honesty you’re a Ranch Wife so you are definitely not high maintenance.” and that got me thinking, what is high maintenance? 

I always figured that I was high maintenance. I enjoy getting dressed up and going places. I love getting my nails done although that doesn’t happen all that much. I almost never leave the house in the morning without makeup and my very blonde coffee and sometimes I’m down right picky with what I will and won’t eat. Then on the other hand I guess that you could say that I am not high maintenance. I can handle spending all day working with the guys and keeping up with them. I can get dirty with the best of them and not be worried about it. I can miss meals and sleep to get work done. I only get my hair done once a year. So I got to thinking what does it mean to be high maintenance anyway and is it really all that bad? 

The definition of high maintenance is “needing a lot of work to keep in good condition or demanding a lot of attention.” 

So with that I believe that we are all high maintenance in our own ways and that maybe to some it might seem like we are more high maintenance just because what we need to get through the day, week, month or year is different then someone else but it doesn’t make it any less important. And maybe the things that make us high maintenance or not are just the sacrifices that we are willing to make in order to live the life we want.

I am so blessed to be a Ranch Wife! I get to make my own schedule (well, only loosely the animals dictate more of what our day will look like and my day never really ends. You don’t get to just go home from work.) I get to do something that I love everyday. I get to spend every day with my best friend who I also get to call my husband. I get to have a marriage where we are truly a team in everything that we do. We work so hard to be able to do this. Our days start early and end late. We spend a lot of time worrying about what the weather or market will do that we have no control over. I don’t get to go on fancy vacations because we have too much to take care of at home. And  we live very modestly. So if I don’t want to leave the house without makeup on and my very blonde coffee and my husband does most of the cooking because he is much better then me at it, if that makes me high maintenance, then I am more than happy to be high maintenance.

Y’all do what you need to in order to keep accomplishing those goals and living a life you love.

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