Lantana Made

99% of the time I am not dressed up or going out when I buy something I want it to be tough enough to get real use and fashionable enough to make me smile and feel fancy even if I’m just picking up groceries.

When I was getting ready for a friends wedding I knew that I was in need of a new handbag and I knew just where I wanted to get one! I have been admiring the purses and wallets and other fun creations being cranked out by Lantana Made and new I needed one.

Emily who is also an awesome ranch wife and mother to an adorable little cowgirl hand makes and designs everything for Lantana Made. I loved the design but was blown away by the craftsmanship of my handbang. It definitely passed my test of being sturdy enough to use everyday and fashionable enough to wear with my fanciest dress.

You guys really need to check her out she is always coming out with neat new products and is sure to make you something that quickly becomes your favorite item!

Find her on Facebook or her website .

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