Younique Mascara from Alison

So when I first talked to Alison about makeup I just wanted her to get me some lipstick that would last me a whole horse show. One that would last all day, make it through the heat, sand blasting and every other test that made all of my other tries fail. Well she told me she had just the thing and even recommended a color for me. So I ordered a color I picked and the one that she recommended and that was it. I was hooked. Not only did the lipstick make it through a whole horse show the color that she picked for me, that I would have never picked for myself is now a color that I can’t live without. So because I am far from a makeup expert and Alison more then ac’ed it with a test I thought she wouldn’t be able to pass I told her she was now my “makeup lady.”

Her next recommendation was the Epic mascara by Younique. I always thought that one mascara was just as good as the next and yet again Alison proved that wrong. I absolutely love this mascara! It last all day and comes off easy at night when I wash my face. Not only does it last it makes my lashes immediately 10x longer and thicker! I don’t know what I would do without it. If you read my last blog you know that I am high maintenance and I don’t like to leave the house without my makeup. I feel completely naked with out this mascara.

Y’all go have a chat with Alison. She is amazing at figuring out what you need and make sure that you go and order some Epic Mascara. I know that a lot of ladies like fake eyelashes but with this you don’t need them and can get the long lashes everyday!

You can visit her site at or you can go to the comments tab and send me a message with your email and I’ll get you in touch with Alison to get 15% off the purchase of your mascara this month!

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