BX Design

I had this crazy idea that if I had a water bottle that was truly cool and something that I loved then I would actually drink the amount of water that I need to in a day. I had been stalking Brittany’s new business as it took off and was very impressed with the things that she was cranking out and knew that if anyone was going to make me a water bottle that I truly love it could come from BX Design and boy was I right!

So not only does she do great job, she has such a big heart. When the huge snow storm hit and made life for many pretty challenging down south she decided to try and put a smile back on the ranchers faces by making those ranchers cups at her cost! I mean who does that! I was so blessed to be able to take a part in this and so grateful to Brittany’s huge heart. It definitely put a smile on my face. So, I sent her a water bottle that I really liked, something about drinking out a straw that makes me happy… and I sent her a sticker that I had and was waiting for just the right thing to use it on. I told her liked the color blue and gave her a picture of my brand.

What I got back was a piece of art! I love how it has different shades of blue and how it goes in a special swirl pattern! I also love the fact that I was right! With a cool water bottle that I love, I always remember to bring it with me and I drink a lot more water then what I was before. Oh and spoiler alert it can carry more then just water. 😉

Y’all go check out BX Designs on Facebook! I highly recommend getting her to make you a water bottle so that you drink enough water in the day but she also has some other really great products and most everything is customizable! The next thing on my list is one of her awesome doormats!

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