Meat In Day Was A Great Day!

The March 20th Meat out day that the governor of Colorado declared quickly changed from a slap in the face to producers to a show of much need support from people all over instead participating in Meat In day and even governors like mine in Oklahoma purposing a week of meat in response.

The agriculture community has been facing more and more pushback and criticism as the years go on and people become more and more removed from where their food and other products actually come from. Before anything makes it to the store where you purchase it, someone has taken the time to raise and take care of it until it was time to transform it into your steak, cereal, milk you drink, your clothes, makeup and just about anything else you can think of. The people that take care of raising and taking care of crops and animals (producers) are the kind of people that put their heads down and get to work. They are generally too busy working and honestly most of them prefer being around their animals then people so you don’t hear them bragging about the great things they are doing unlike the activists that spend all their time talking and criticizing something they don’t truly understand.

I think that the MeatIn day was actually a good thing. For two main reasons.

The first being, it got producers out in their community telling people about the beef, pork, lamb, goat and even chickens that they raise. They were able to share about how with technology we are able to produce so much more food for a fast growing population using much less resources. Producers were able to share that American agriculture is held to such a high standard that in the states we produce food that is the safest, most sustainably raised, humanely treated and highest quality. Producers were able to share how much pride they take in being cattle ranchers, chicken farmers, grain growers and so forth, and how it’s not just a job its livelihood that for many spreads over generations.

The second good thing that came from it was that producers were able to see some support instead of just criticism from the general public. It’s no doubt that the activist are a loud and sometimes it’s hard to see that we do have support. Seeing a bunch of people wearing eat beef shirts and going to their local diners and other meat centered events really warmed my heart.

As this crazy world get’s crazier and people get further and further removed from reality and crazy bills like the PAUSE act come around it’s more important then ever that producers start putting their best foot forward showing what we are doing and why. We also need support of those that aren’t involved in agriculture to keep sharing with their friends the benefits and necessities that our American farmers and ranchers provide to keep everyone alive.

Thank a farmer and rancher! They work hard everyday, no sick days, or hiding from the pandemic keeps them from taking care of their stock and producing food and all the other goodes that come from agriculture all while getting more efficient, ethical, and sustainable as they go.

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