The other day I got to talking to a friend about what my upcoming goals were looking like and what I was going to have to do to achieve those goals. The best thing that they reminded me was that I needed to not get so caught up in planning what needed to be done and just spend each day taking steps to get a little bit closer to my goals. We need a road map to get to where we want to go but we have to be flexible in how we get there because the one thing that is certain is that it will not go exactly as planned and it got me to thinking. I think flexibility is the number one trait that you need to be a ranch wife.

Our days are so full with things to do and let’s be honest you could have the best plan ever and when you throw animals into the mix it’s probably not going to happen like you would like.

Sometimes animals get hurt or get out and that takes priority over the dinner that you were about to serve or in some cases washing the shampoo out of your hair, (I would prefer not to have to do that one again!) or whatever else you might have been planning on doing.

When you have as many animals as we do you don’t get to just take off for vacations someone needs to hold down the fort. So I have gone to weddings and horse shows by myself. Because if you really want to do something you just have to go ahead and do it the best you can even if that means having to do it yourself. You know what you would be surpised at how much fun you can have when you just go with it.

The other thing is that we have so much to do in a day that if you want to do something extra you have to squeeze it in when you can. For example I spend lots of time working on my Punchy Designs creations while in the truck between feeding pastures and hauling horses place and currently I am writing this blog while I’m waiting for them to buck some baby broncs that I need to video. You just get what you can done while you can.

So I’m excited about my upcoming goals and I’m going to follow my road map to get there but I’m not going to get wrapped up in making sure everything goes as planned. I’m just going to try and be flexible! I’m going to work each day to get a little closer to my goals and keep pushing even when it doesn’t look exactly like I thought it would or even when it’s squeezing in a little bit where I can.

So, I hope that you decide to be flexible and although your following a direction to your goals you focus mainly on just getting a little closer each day. Sometimes plan B and C and sometimes Z were better anyways!

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