Sponsored Shirt Sales

I am always dreaming big and hustling hard to achieve those crazy dreams. So, when I see someone else working hard to achieve their dreams I like to help out.

I recently purchased a pole bending shirt from a local girl that works super hard everyday and was headed to the Junior NFR. I know nothing about pole bending but I’m proud to wear it and cheer her on.

Another opportunity to help was ordering a sweatshirt from a friend that is heading to the Art of the Cowgirl Worlds Greatest Horsewoman. I know it takes so much work and dedication to accomplish this and a huge shot of courage to enter.

It’s too late to purchase a pole bending shirt but you can still get your hands on a shirt to support my friend that’s competiting at the Art of the Cowgirl. Http://www.bonfire.com/heart-of-the-cowgirl/

I hope that when you see someone out there hustling to reach their dreams you give them some encouragement and if they are selling something to get funds go and buy one. I can say from experience it means the world to them!

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