Thankful Even Though It’s Been a Rough Year.

I have heard this year be referred to as a dumpster fire and and I can certainly relate. This year has been full of challenges, struggles and heartbreak but I think that each of these challenges has helped me become more grateful as I take this Thanksgiving to see what I’m thankful for.

The struggles have show us who is really in our corner and who isn’t. You really find out who has your back when they step up to the plate and come to help you out when you need it and those that just sit in the background and do nothing and those that cause the struggles.

The struggles have also show us how tough we really are. I have been amazed at how hard that I really can work juggling the ranch work, scribing when I can, pushing Punchy Designs, and taking on any other job that I can think of. I can’t believe how well my little business has done this year with all of the work that I have put in to it and I am always so humbled when someone makes a purchase from me.

The loss of some great people this year has shown me just how lucky we were to have them in our lives. They might be gone from our lives right now but their memories will continue to shape the person that I am today. The problem with loving someone or something is that they won’t be around forever and it breaks your heart when they leave.

Like many I have had somethings canceled that I was really looking forward to but them being canceled led me to being able to work some amazing events that I would have never dreamed that I could have.

I think overall the harder the year is it helps you cling to the real things that make you are thankful for. I know that although this year has been extremely difficult I am able to see the things that I am grateful for even more clearly. I hope that you are able to reflect and find things that you are truly grateful for this year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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