A Great Horse Shoer is a Ranchwife Must!

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.” I think that this statement is true in so many ways. I value a great pair of heels and boots and I also know how far having the right shoes on my horses can get me. The right shoes on my horse has given me the confidence to qualify for a few world shows, win some amazing shows, run flags at some great rodeos and kept my horses sound while working on the ranch.

I have been so lucky to have found a great horse shoer wherever I have lived. When I was a kid we had a friend that shoed horses and I will never forget when my horse Moo came up lame he beat the vet to the house to look and see if he could do anything to save my show season. When I went off to Junior College I was lucky enough to be able to drop my horse off with the shoer for the day so that I could have fresh shoes in time for practice and didn’t have to skip out on any class or hours at work and had a little more time to ride. When I moved to Texas I was able to have a friend talk her husband into taking on another client when he was already full and they would let me come at night after work and hangout with them. When I moved to Oklahoma I had a great shoer that was always learning new things and perfecting his skill. When he was stopping shoeing outside horses he thankfully set me up with my current shoer who is always just a call away and does an amazing job on all of our horses. He does everything from a size 2 shoe on one of the ranch horses to putting on custom shoes for my little cowhorse. He is often able to tell me what he feels is tight on my horses and help me adjust what I need to do to keep him feeling his best.

I think that a lot of times we don’t appreciate our farriers enough. The ones that I mentioned were the ones that I loved and did a great job but scattered between them were shoers that fired me and a few that I fired. So I know the difference between a good one and a bad one.

It’s not any easy job shoeing for me I’m sure. We tend to forget that they have bunch of other clients to tend to not just us, not to mention their own life, my horse is seldom the well behaved animal that I wish he would be and I tend to not keep my schedule like I should and go longer then what they should be making a bigger job for my farrier then if I would have planned ahead.

My horse shoer keeps my dreams alive by keeping my ranch horses sound so we are more efficient at the ranch and my show horses preforming at their best so that the dream of the golden globe is still present. Oh and he doesn’t laugh that hard at me when I tell him my dreams for myself and my little red horse and crazy grey mare. That counts for a lot!

So with that said if you have a good farrier I hope that you tell them how much you appreciate the care they provide for your horse. Treat them well and try to keep their headaches to a minimum. I know I’ll be buying mine a stiff drink or two for Christmas.

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