Ice Storm!

Y’all we got pummeled by a crazy early ice storm!

This past weekend I was honored to scribe at the SWRHA futurity. It was a really good show all be it a little cold. I enjoyed my time and got home on Monday morning and about the time I made it home it got cold and and the rain really picked up.

We have been battling feeding cows and horses sliding around in the mud trying to keep everything as comfortable as possible. The worst part is I haven’t had my coffee first thing in the morning I’ve had to wait until we get to the pastures close to town where I grab some coffee and a slice of pizza. I’m not the happiest person in the morning but I’m pretty cranky without my coffee…

It’s pretty icky around here. The power lines are down all around, power polls snapped, tons of trees down and mud and ick everywhere.

But, you know what else I see? The backbone of America out there in the cold and ick to make sure Americans stay fed, warm, and safe. The same people that didn’t hide because of Covid but instead put their heads down and kept working because they are needed to keep our world going. They know that “free money” isn’t a thing so they are out there hustling to make a living for their families.

P.s. I am extremely grateful for the linemen out their working to get our power back up, the county workers for clearing the roads, the farmers and ranchers making sure we have a safe and sustainable food source but I’m grateful to all the workers out there! Y’all are all “essential” just to name a few examples. My pastor for keeping my sole hopeful. The insurance man for making sure we can truly weather the storm. The gas station attendent not only for the fuel to keep us going but that warm pot of coffee he has had the last two mornings, which has been a shining light in a pretty dark day. The post office man that brought my parents care package that was a little hug and whole lot of love in a box.

Y’all stay warm and thank those workers around you!

One thought on “Ice Storm!

  1. Little girl, if you keep seeing the good, everything else will take care of itself. Proud of you.
    PS I know how you are in the morning yikes and without coffee. I’m feeling for Corey


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