T&S Virtual Farms YouTube channel

While most of you are counting down the days until Yellowstone comes back on I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next episode of T&S Virtual Farms to be on Youtube.

What is T&S Virtual Farms? It’s a YouTube show that takes place in Farming Simulator 19. The show is basically a fictional vlog of college student named Cussler Roberts while he is home for the summer. While he is home he takes you along with him on his jobs with the local COOP, working some odd and end’s jobs for other farmers and some of his own farming for his family and self.

Before watching this show I didn’t know very much about tractors or farm equipment. I would frustrate my four year old neighbor because apparently everything has a name and calling them “thingy that cuts the grass” and “thingy that digs” is not their real name. I never really cared, we called the COOP out and they used their equipment to put out fertilizer and spray weeds, I never gave it much thought. But after watching Cussler use different equipment, showing what and why it is used has made me more interested even while he fixes it up.

Lot’s of times Ag videos are boring or don’t really show the farmers and ranchers in the best light (Hint hint ranchers aren’t out there taking people they don’t like to the train station…were too busy taking care of the animals on our ranch) I have found the T&S Virtual Farms series to be completely entertaining, informative, keeps me guessing what is coming next and something that the whole family can enjoy watching.

I hope that you give it a watch. I have been having so much fun following the adventures of Cussler and learning a bunch about the different equipment that is used on the farm and why it is used. I am so in love with everything that is pro agriculture and the fact that this is actually fun to watch is huge plus!

Y’all go watch, subscribe and like on YouTube!

P.s. I’m hoping Cussler moves into the new house.

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