Just Because No One Says Anything Doesn’t Mean It Went Unnoticed…

Working horse shows means that I get to work with a lot of different people of all different ages. The thing that has been on my mind a lot lately is the fact that just because others don’t say anything doesn’t mean that they didn’t notice and more importantly that they won’t file it away and it might come up when your being considered for a job or some other opportunity. This can be both positive and negative depends on what your doing.

I have heard kids saying that they are always late to their job but it’s okay because no one ever says anything. Yet, they wonder why they don’t get more opportunities. I worked a show and we were suppose to keep track of our own hours and I noticed that someone that’s arena started an hour later than mine and finished before mine somehow had the same amount of hours I did. While she wants to work more shows and asked to have her name shared it won’t be a recommendation from me. Their are many other examples, like someone else having to constantly pick up after someone else, not coming prepared, somehow being nowhere in sight when something needs to be done, taking twice as long to get a job done than what it should take and the list could go on forever.

The same goes the other way. I worked a very long show with a girl and she got sick half way through, you could tell that she felt horrible but she showed up everyday and did more than her fair share of the work with a positive attitude. You can guarantee when people ask me who I recommend her name is the first to come up. The other day I got to talking to someone and we found that we knew the same boy and we both agreed that we were impressed with how good of a kid he is and how we are so excited for his success in the show pen and with his business venture. It’s easy and fun to root for someone that’s working hard towards their goals and is pleasant to be around.

They say that character is what you do when no one is watching. I believe that this is extremely true and that sometimes you would be surprised to find out that people are actually watching.

I know that while I try and put my best foot forward sometimes I get lazy and tired and make mistakes but I hope that the things people notice and remember about me is more often than not I am positive, work extremely hard and try my best.

I hope that you are also working hard to not cut corners and that your striving to do your best even when others aren’t looking because they just might be…

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