My Buddy Pedro

It’s been almost a month now since I have had to say good bye to my best pal Pedro. Now if you don’t know Pedro was our dog but in a lot of ways he filled in a lot more roles then just that. I am just now getting to putting his dog bed and food bowl up. Although we knew it was coming because he was extremely old and we had found a tumor in the spring it wasn’t any easier making the decision to let him go. So I thought that today while I am putting some of his stuff away I would tell you about my buddy Pedro.

Pedro was really my husbands dog. He had him long before we ever got together and I got to to hear lots of stories of how he made sure my husband never got hooked by a bad bull and how he basically acted like a second hand when working cattle. When I came around he had slowed down a little and didn’t have as many cattle gathering duties. My dog Pepto decided that my husband hung the moon and would rather hang out with him. Pedro decided that when you hang out with me you get to go inside, I give treats, and you don’t have to run as much. So, he hung out with me most of the day.

He made the adjustment to being an inside dog much easier then Pepto took to living outside at night and when he had the choice his favorite spot to be was in the house looking out the window.

I did get on the outs with Pedro once when he had to go on a diet. He went from full feed anytime he wanted to a diet since he was packing on the pounds a little to fast. He was so upset with the diet that one day he some how managed to catch a rabbit.

He eventually got over being mad at me and while Pepto followed my husband around Pedro followed me around. He would go wherever I was and hangout while I cleaned, did dished, washed laundry, cleaned stalls and when I would work on my Punchy Design orders he was always at my feet. (I think this is what I miss the most and for those of you with orders I am sorry it’s taking so long for them to get done. I am working on them it’s just a little harder to get them done with out my buddy inspecting my work.)

Being a Ranch wife lots of days the only person I see all day is my husband and most of my friends are busy and some live far away so, Pedro was like that work girlfriend you get to chat with and solve life’s problems with just by venting and sometimes it’s nice just to have someone by your side.

While I never thought that I would miss his loud demands to be fed, and his knack for standing right in the way, I would definitely trade anything for one more day of it. I am glad that he is now out of pain and running up there with his other doggy buddies that have passed before him. I just wish that they were able to stay with us a little bit longer.

So give your pup an extra big hug and a snack! The time that we get to spend with our beloved pets is all too short and goes by in a blink. I hope that you have a dog in your string that’s half as great as Pedro was!

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