Whatever It Takes

I was scrolling through Facebook and a meme popped up that I instantly loved. It said, “when someone asks what do you do, I always answer whatever it takes.” This can be so true in so many different ways but I instantly thought that it’s exactly what Ranchers and Ranch Wives do on a regular basis.

I was instantly taken back to the times where I was glad that no one was around to take my picture and that their are no score cards when doctoring in the pasture. Sure we all tell the stories about when things go right or we do something super cool like making it out of a wreck without a scratch but what about those times that we got it done but it wasn’t pretty?

I think that I have more of these then hero ones…. For example when doctoring in the pasture and trying to heel a calf, missing what feels like a million times and thinking that my hubby is probably wanting to trade me in and then the calf trips and I bail off my horse and jump on the calf like a spider monkey before it can get up and I miss some more. Was it pretty? Definitely not! But, the job got done and the calf got the meds it needed and all was good. Or when I feed cows by myself. We have an overhead bin that you pull under to fill up the feed box. On a normal day my husband fills it up and he makes it look the easiest thing in the world to do. My first time trying it by myself I learned very quickly that it’s not that easy, the lever takes some strength to close and it’s a little disorienting if the wind is up at all, swirling feed around. So on the rare occasion that I feed alone, I only get to fill it up about half way, so I have to refill twice as much and because I can never figure out the wind I am always on the wrong side and need a bath as soon as I finish. Anything but glamorous! But, the job gets done. Or how about the fact that I like to ride my horse bareback but for some reason I can not jump on the smallest of horses bareback , so I taught my horse to let me on from the rail. I’m still working on figuring out how to jump that high but in the meantime I still get to ride bareback!

The best thing and the worst thing about being a rancher is that it’s our job to take care of the animals we raise. These animals need care every single day. It doesn’t matter if the conditions are perfect or if it’s a horrible day. It doesn’t matter if your feeling under the weather or feeling great. They always need food and water. Sometimes they get sick and sometimes they just get themselves in a pickle they need help getting out of. It’s our job to make sure they get out of those pickles, get doctored and taken care of and sometimes that means that we have to go from plan A to plan N as long as it get’s done.

With the New Year just getting started I tend to re-evaluate, re-adjust and re-focus my goals. I got to thinking chasing after your goals is just like the meme and just like being a rancher. You have to just do whatever it takes to get there! Yes, you should have a plan but sometimes the plan might not look exactly like you thought it would. I know my goals haven’t changed but the path that I’m taking towards them most definitely has and in some ways it’s changed to an even better direction then I could have ever imagined.

So get out there and do whatever it takes to get the job done!

When you have to move feed troughs and a hay feeder but don’t want to mKe multiple trips!

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