Wells Lamont Cold Weather Gloves

I hate wearing gloves. I always have. I have the hardest time having any feel when I wear gloves. Although my hands are slender and fit in a size small my fingers are really long so the small sit my hand all wrong and squeeze my fingers but a medium makes my hands way too bulky and I can’t grab anything. However, when it gets cold opening gates, riding, breaking ice and other chores, I need something or else I’m pretty useless. Having gloves is not an option. I was getting along okay with some knit roping type gloves doubled up since they have a little stretch to them but I have to switch them out constantly because they soak up moisture like crazy and wet gloves are worse then no gloves.

My husband got some of the men’s Well’s Lamont gloves with the coating on the fingers and palm as a gift and after using them for a season couldn’t say enough good things about them so I bought him a backup pair and I debated about buying a pair for myself. I finally broke down and bought myself a pair and I wish that I hadn’t drug my feet so long. They are less then $15 off Amazon and sometimes you can find them at feed stores. The coating on the palm and fingers makes them pretty water proof and help you grip things. They are lined so that they keep your hands nice and toasty. What I like most of all is that they fit a lot like a roping glove so they stretch to fit your hands instead of being super big and bulky or too small. Oh, and they are a very stylish purple color. (pretty excited to be sporting my Alma Mater’s colors)

As much as I hate winter having good warm clothes makes it a bearable season and having gloves that I actually like to wear makes it just that much nicer to be out in the elements in! If your looking for your next glove I highly recommend checking out the Wells Lamont Cold Weather gloves!

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