The other day we were heading to go docotor some calves and the kids that live near the pasture were so excited that “the cowboys were there!” Now if you have never been cheered on by little kids your missing out. I felt like Miss Rodeo America and felt like I couldn’t miss. Their pure excitement about seeing cowboys was contagious. They really made my day. But it also got me to thinking.

I got to thinking about them calling me a cowboy instead of a cowgirl and then that lead me to thinking about how the old time cowgirls liked to be called cowboy-girls.

Although my fashion statement when it’s just my husband and I out working would not scream sophisticated cowgirl you can definately tell I’m a girl. I always have my hair in a long braid and have my makeup done and dress like a girl. I don’t think that the kid’s calling me cowboy had anything to do with them thinking that I was a boy and they weren’t just talking about my husband because they were clearly talking about the Cowboys and not a cowboy.

I think they were simply pointing out the obvious we were two cowboys out doing some cowboying and I appreciate that. Although, I’m not the handiest I still take my turn heeling cattle for my husband and I’m expected to not let a cow get by while we gather and do everything else the job description entails.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the little details that we forget the bigger picture. I’m proud of being a girl and I’m also proud that I get to cowboy with my husband. I think if I had my choice I would like to be called a cowboy rather then a cowgirl but I think the old time ladies where right when they wanted to be called cowboy-girls.

Anyway’s whatever you are be a good one and take pride in it. I’m working hard to be a good ranch wife, rancher and cowboy-girl.

My office view!

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