Jeffers Turnout Sheets

I like to keep two of my horses underlights and without hair. I have been patching together blankets forawhile now and finally decided to spring for new turnout sheets!

I have been draging my feet since they are so expensive and I’m pretty sure my little red horse majored in demolishing blankets.

I had picked out these cute waterproof sheets last year and when I found them on sale I just had to get them and I have been so impressed.

Trey maybe not so much.

Much to my little red horses dismay they kept him dry and his blankets underneath dry so that he was able to go out each day of the latest ice storm. He has also been wearing it since the start of this season and although that’s not that long, for him it’s a record for no rips or holes or any damage.

The blankets also came with extra straps which is always something that I’m needing.

If you keep a horse slick in the winter I suggest looking into Jeffers brand! I’ve been happy and look how cute it is! I plan on trying their blankets next year!

Find them at Http://

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