Get Upside

Who doesn’t like getting a good deal? I am always on the lookout to pinch some pennies and save wherever I can so Get Upside was a nobrainer.

Someone recomend Get Upside to me awhile ago and I have been using it since. Get Upside is an app that shows you which gas stations offer a money back for purchasing from them. You click on the station you want to use and then after you fill up you take a picture of your receipt and then a few hours later they upload your money and you can get it out in gift cards, check or PayPal.

Now, not all gas stations use it. Our local station for instance but when I go out of town it’s been a great tool to make a little money back.

I highly encourage you to go check it out and make a little money! You can use my code to get an extra $0.15 a gallon!

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