Preg Checking Spring Calvers Day

Today was preg checking day for us. It’s the day the vet comes and we run all of the cow’s through to see who is going to have a calf this spring and who isn’t. It’s a stressful day, the anticipation and finger crossing that everything stuck is added into to preperation of making sure we run through over a 100 head and multiple groups in a timely matter so that we don’t waste a lot of our vets time.

I get the job of pushing the cows to the tub and rearranging the different sets of cows. Normally this job provides me with a lot of dread because their are always those few cows that don’t want to go and generally if their is a hold up it’s because of me and slick (my trusted stead) either switching out sets of cows or arguing with a bunch that they do indeed have no choice but to go into the tub. But this time was different. I told myself that I was indeed good enough to handle the job well and I was just going to go and do my best and you know what I actually enjoyed it. (Shh don’t tell my hubby)

Because, I went into it confident I didn’t get yelled out for not being in the right spot because I was scared of the what if.

Because, I went into it confident I was able to change my plan of attack when one plan wasn’t working instead of trying again and again on a plan that didn’t work wasting time and confidence. Changing plans didn’t mean I failed it just let me shift and keep chunking along at my goal.

Because, I went into it confident I was able to win the day as a winner instead of starting out feeling like I had already lost before I started.

I definitely learned my lesson today and I hope that I keep it up and I hope that you go into whatever task you have in front of you with confidence. You might surprise yourself to find out it’s not a fake confidence but an acutal real one. You might just end up enjoying a task that you once dreaded just like I did today.

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