Scentsy Dryer Disks

So if your anything like me you have heard about Scentsy and thought its just that wax you put in a little decorative pot thing and it smells good. So on my mission to buy more from small business I reached out to my friend to get some wax instead of tractor supply.

When I talked to her she informed me that Scentsy has so much more to offer then just wax and told me she would send me some fun goodies. One of those goodies was the dryer disk! You guys my laundry and laundry room have never smelled better! I was hooked from the first use I didn’t care what it cost and get this you get 2 for only $7!!!

The dryer disk is this plastic disk that smells amazing and you simply throw it in your dryer with your clothes and waala! Your clothes smell amazing and it’s like you had dryer sheets in there but smells so much better, less waste, minus the chemicals and so fun!

Each disk last for 15 loads and let me tell you I was skeptical of that claim but it’s really pretty conservative. I think you guy’s will love it as much as I do! I tried the Jammy time which is what Siobhan recommend. She hasn’t steered me wrong yet so if you need some help just give her a shout she is super helpful and knowledgeable.

The next thing on my list is the detergent!

Order your dryer disk here.

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