It’s national day of the dog so it got me thinking. Anyone that knows me knows that Pedro and Pepto are more like part of the family than just dogs so it might surprised then to learn that I’m kind of scared of dogs. I have always been a little timid when first meeting new dogs but after being chased by a wandering dog while checking cows a few years back I absolutely dread dogs that I don’t know.

When I got Pepto my dad told me that I needed to remember that no one likes your dog as much as you do and that has really stuck with me. It’s something that other dog owners need to remember. Unless of course you have a miniature aussie, those are the cutest and funnest little poof balls of fun!

We have people around us that let their dogs run loose or turn a blind eye when their dogs venture to the neighbors. They think it’s no big deal. They love their dogs so they think the people that run into them throughout the day must also love them. They think that since their dog isn’t aggressive with them it will be fine with other people. They think that its okay that their dogs have a little fun chasing the cows their just having fun but it’s not.

Lately we have had to chase off dogs that are running loose chasing cows. It might not seem like a big deal to someone that isn’t involved with cattle but it’s a huge deal. They stress them, running them when it’s hot makes them loose calves, loose weight go through fences and make them wild. When aggressive dogs are around timid people like myself can’t do their job of checking their cattle like they should for fear today is the day it’s going to do more than just bark and run at you on your own land.

I think people just really need a reminder that just because your comfortable and like your dog doesn’t mean that others are. It’s not that hard to keep your animals on your side of the fence and out of respect for your neighbors it’s something that you need to do.

I truly believe that dogs make our lives so much more enjoyable. I wouldn’t trade Pepto and Pedro for anything. I love them so much but I know that with that comes my responsibility to take care of them and make sure that they aren’t bothering anyone else.

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