I’m Missing My America

I feel like this year has been a build up of the changing culture coming to America and it makes me so sad.

I miss the America where people were chasing the American Dream! The American Dream that if you work hard enough you will prosper. Where people were hustling to pay for college and technical schools to learn a skill or get educated. Where people were working hard to create a business or climb the corporate ladder. Now, I see people that are hustling to make their dreams come true get knocked off the ladder by people wanting them to close their business, letting rioters destroy and loot those business and events being canceled for Covid. I see people wanting those that have worked hard to make their money pay for others to stay home and watch Cable TV and Netflicks because they are worried about “their health”. I don’t think it’s right that business are having a hard time hiring people because people can make more money just staying home and choose to take the easy handouts instead of hustling to make a living. I see people saying that college should be free. My parents worked very hard and saved to send me to college and they also helped me be involved in a ton of community events and other programs to help me get scholarships to help pay for my college. My parents and I had to work very hard for me to achieve my education and just giving a free ride to college diminishes that achievement.

I miss the America where we could come together and discuss different points of views with facts and logic instead of calling each other names and letting emotions take over. I was talking to one of my dear friends and she said she is scared to tell her co-workers that she is a conservative and that she loves Jesus. When did it become okay to be criticized for love Jesus? If the cards were different people would be up in arms about someone criticizing someone for being a Muslim. I think that we have forgotten that the world is full of gray and that sometimes we have to meet in the middle. It’s either you are for saving babies or you believe that women get a say of what happens to their bodies. It’s either you are for black people or you are for the police. When did it get so black and white? Why can’t we just agree that most police officers work extremely hard to protect us and do not get the compensation that they deserve and that their are like in everything some rotten apples that all the news highlights.

I miss the America that use to listen to the news for facts of what was going on in the community, state, country and world. Where the news was filled with all sorts of things and not just and endless loop of things meant to scare people and full of opinions instead of facts.

I miss the America where people were able to make the choices and risk everyday that they wanted! I am so tired of the Covid-19 craziness that is going on. I have missed out on many events that I would have loved to participate in and worked at because of them being shut down. What happened to being able to make our own choices? If you are scared that is completely fine with me. You stay home but you also have to figure out how you are going to work and survive at home. Don’t make everyone else suffer because you are afraid. If you want to wear a mask because it makes you feel safer that’s fine but don’t tell me that I need to when I am just fine living my own life. Yes I think that Covid is real but I don’t want to live my life in fear because it’s not going away. I think that from Covid we can learn some important things like apparently people weren’t washing their hands on a consistent basis and that definitely needed to stop and that people in America really need to start eating less fast food and start working out and going outside to become healthier.

I miss the America where people were proud to be Americans! I know that all of my friends are proud and when you go to a western event people are proud to put a hand over their heart and honor the flag but, that’s not the case everywhere. It breaks my heart to see people disrespecting our country, our flag, the men and women that have fought for our freedoms. I can’t even being to imagine the hurt that a mother that has lost her son from him fighting for our freedoms feels when she see’s someone kneeling during the national anthem and then getting rich and put up on a pedestal . I was not a supporter of Obama but I respected him as our President. The disrespect that Trump get’s as our President blows my mind. He might not be polished and perfect but I know that he loves this country and I feel like he is proud American and puts America fist and that’s what matters to me. They always tell you in case of plane crash you need to put your mask on before helping others and that’s because you can’t save someone when your dead. The same concept is applies to taking care of our Country before we save anyone else.

I see hope that the America that I love will come back. I see small business fighting like hell to stay afloat even though it looks like everything is against them. I see small farmers and ranchers going out everyday to make sure that they provide the American people with a safe, sustainable and ethical product even though they take a beating in the market and from uneducated critics. I see young people at the rodeo’s putting a hand over their heart and singing along with the National Anthem. I see people going to work doing whatever it takes to not take the easy way out. I see people trying to learn about one another’s points of views.

I love the idea of being the change that you want to see. So that’s what I am going to do. I am going to continue to live my life not in denial of the virus but with the courage to be myself and not hide at home. I am going to be a PROUD AMERICAN! I am going to live my best life to honor those that served to protect my freedom. I am going to do my best to listen instead of calling names and I am going to try and remember that things are not black and white instead they are grey. Most importantly I am going to fight hard for my American dream!

Go out there and live your life not in fear but as PROUD AMERICAN and chase your American Dream!

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