Riding Strong Ltd.

Being a ranch wife is a physically demanding profession. From cranking on calf pullers, putting out mineral, riding, roping and all of the million other things that are needed to be done in a day generally require some kind of physical activity.

Sara with Riding Strong helps me make sure that my workouts are tailored to the kind of things that I will be doing whether that’s ranch chores, riding or even getting ready for a run. She also helps me stay on track with my nutrition and thinks of way for me to get enough protein in the day. (I tend to have trouble eating enough in the day to counteract what I do.) Someday’s she helps light a fire under my bum and push just a little harder to reach a goal.

Sara is an avid horse rider so she understands what I need in order to live a healthy life and it’s so nice that she can make a plan just for me that works with my not existent schedule.

If you are looking for someone to help you start living a healthy life or to just keep you on the right tack you need to check out Riding Strong. Sara has multiple things going that will help out anyone such as personal training if you are in Colorado, training with her virtually if you don’t live near her like I do, if you just want to get your feet wet without a financial commitment she has a Facebook group page where she is actively teaching about nutrition and fitness.

Find her at http://www.ridingstrongltd.com or on Facebook and Instagram.

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