Mod West Jewelry

I will always remember when I was in high school Robin would be showing and she was always so stylish, had an awesome black horse, rode and showed so pretty and I wanted to be just like her! Things haven’t changed very much other then I don’t think she has the black horse in her string anymore and now she is also chasing the cutest kids around and making some stunning jewelry.

I had been watching Mod West Jewelry getting started and I knew that I just had to have a piece so I did what every good ranch wife does and dropped the not so subtle hint to Corey that I our anniversary was coming up and that I really liked this Ranch Wife bracelet that Mod West had with a screenshot of what I liked. Well lucky for me he took the hint and what Robin and him designed and then she created blew me away. The detail and love that she put into the piece is just amazing. I love how she added our brand in a little tag and that it has a pretty flower on the back. My favorite part though is in the back it says “the first of many”. This bracelet is something that I will have forever and it is so classy that it will always be in style.

You really need to check out Robins stuff she is such an amazing person and is sure to make you something that you will treasure forever. you can also follow her on Facebook at

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