Support American Ranchers, Eat American Beef

When you think about what is uniquely American and you’ll get visions of baseball, apple pie and I hope the Cowboy! The cowboy is a truly American symbol, you might not see them from the road but I promise you that cowboys and ranchers are out there everyday working hard to provide you with a safe and ethically produced beef product! Many countries have tried to imitate the American way of cattle ranching but it’s just not the same. Russia has spent a lot of money shipping American Cowboys to start up their own cattle ranches in Russia, and their is no doubt that other countries provide beef for America. However American Ranchers and Farmers are held to a much higher standard to ethical handling and safety of their product then what other countries are and it’s only fair that consumers are informed of where their beef is coming from. From where I sit as an American Cattle rancher it has been a roller coaster of a ride mostly going straight down of them wanting to close processing facilities because of Covid fears and JBS explaining that we shouldn’t worry they will just supply America with beef from their Brazil plants and the cost of cattle plummeting. We work hard all year to provide you with a safe and top notch product that we are extremely proud of and hope that you will be able to choose American Beef over other countries if COOL is passed. After all you know where your clothes are made why wouldn’t you want to know where your food is coming from?

Punchy Designs came out with this super fun tank and shirt to show support for American Ranchers and I think that you will love it as much as what I do! Support American Ranchers, Eat American Beef! The material is super soft and will look great dressed down or up. Bonus! The shirts were made in the USA!

You can get one by visiting or you can send me an email and I will get you one ordered!

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